Nine Trees Future Art Center – Shanghai, China

The Nine - Tree Future Art Center features the combination of concepts of forest, architecture, nature, civic center, water, humanity and art.
The design of its fountain is built upon the theme of "Nine-Tree Future Art Center", which artistically integrates the element of water and gives vitality to the project.
Not only does the fountain embrace the surrounding environment seamlessly, but add unique beautiful effect as well. By using different varieties of fountain equipments, the fountain produces superb effects of combination of lights and dynamic watery scene. The beautiful watery scene along with colorful light renders grandeur that attract numerous spectators. There are 18 Air Blast units (AB30) that are being built on both sides of the bridge, 9 units on each side.
The in between distance for each unit is 4.2 meters, with 20 meters max spraying height. Air Blast nozzles equips with 3 underwater spot lights with warm white (HX150T-36). In addition, 128 shooting units (waterswitch+comet nozzle+underwater ring lights) are also being installed on both sides of the bridge.
Each side has 63 nos. By using inverter to control the pump, the fountain can achieve the effect of producing continuing changes of different shooting heights.
The lights are controlled by NOVA's DMX/RDM system, which features the change of white light and full color range. RDM System can also change DMX address from distance, as a result, the operating equipments can be monitored in real time and the running message can be read by RDM simultaneously.