What we do

GCS Services can assist customers with helping hatching plans, introducing proposals, selecting equipment, building system configuration, offering installation instructions, commissioning and operational training.

Building designing case

Our professional designers who specified waterscape can offer designing plan to our customers that meet their needs. Based upon requests and information that given by customer, we can provide whole set of proposals that combines specialties of surrounding environment and products that we recommend for them to choose. In addition to that, by using advanced software to display different waterscape effects through simulation, our team will be able to help customer to locate a workable and best solution.


Our team will be able to use latest version of controlling software to make professional and intact 3D-Animation available to our client based on completed waterscape designing plan. During the process, we can use real-life environment simulation technology to achieve the effect that can only be seen after the project is finished. This method will no doubt put customer in a better position for getting a bid. With real 3D animation effect displaying waterscape in place, our customer surely will be advantageous than those who can only have 2D drawings.

Assisting installation

Our experienced technical managers will help our customer completing all phases of installation and commissioning as well as testing during whole process.


Our technical team will check all equipment thoroughly and will fix any problems that may occur during the testing. We can also provide necessary training to customer who may require. It is not unusual that customers choose to have maintenance contract with our company to make sure all waterscape equipment working properly all the time.